Copy, Scan & Print
Black and white copy, scan and print is available from A4 to A0+ from paper or tracing paper originals. Direct plotting from AUTOCAD and other software packages

We can also scan and print large format in full colour for posters and presentations.

Posters or Prints at all sizes from A4 to A0 in FULL COLOUR.

Software Output we can print out your presentation or advertising poster from various software files: – word documents, excel, powerpoint, corel draw, as well as bitmap, jpeg, pdf or tiff.

AutoCAD we specialise in plotting out your drawings from dwg, dxf, or PDF files.

Various Media we stock a variety of papers in matt and gloss, so your poster may be printed at any size up to A0.

Plan Copying or printing in black and white from disk or from paper or tracing paper originals in all sizes from A4 to A0 – onto paper, coloured paper, tracing paper or film.



Enlargement & Reduction we reduce or enlarge your original up to A0 size or larger.

Computer Link we print out directly from your computer file, at the size you need. You provide the file by floppy disk, CD, or email, and we print out at any specific size up to A0.

Scanning we scan drawings up to 36 inches wide in any format you wish: to tiff, jpeg, bmp, lzw or pdf files, and archive them to computer file or CD-Rom.

AutoVectorising we scan and autovectorise your paper originals – to make them live on screen - saving them as dwg files so that you can edit your old plans in Autocad.

Archiving we provide a backup system and secure storage of drawings on computer disk, so that you can ask for copies of your drawings as and when you need them.

Binding & Finishing service includes: Stapling, drilling and hole punching. Collating, numbering, wire and plastic comb binding. Hot glue binding, lamination, acetate covering and card backing as well as custom finishing to your own specification.